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 Adapt Style

  • We design these pieces so that you can wear them in multiple ways - to express your changing mood or needs.


 Adapt Size

  • As our bodies change with time or with the environment, our adapt style pieces are designed to adapt to changes to your body with gentle applied pressure.


 925 Silver

  • Silver is a soft precious metal that is malleable and comfortable against the skin - we use recycled silver, and a slightly higher percentage of pure silver in our adapt-size pieces.


 Reverse Wear

  • This piece can be worn reversible to give you my avenues of expressions.


 Demi Custom

  • Designed to form to your body, to create a piece that is distinctively you.


Rhodium Plated

  • For styles that require structure, we use rhodium, a highly precious metal with high lustre as a plating on brass.