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Interlude º Z


A collection that exists in-between Graedance’s main releases, interlude collections encompass a reimagining of cultural artefacts and ideologies within our shared anthropological blueprint.

Referencing the stars and infusing gemstones that aid the astrological signs rendered, interlude collection letter "Z" is our ode to the connections and joy we share with others through this ancient divinatory practice, and of our zodiac houses. 

As a premium collection, each piece is handcrafted in recycled 925 silver, imbued with quality gems, and adorned on our completely custom Eclipse chain that allows for multiple lengths of expression. 

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Estrellas Silk Scarf

$140.00 AUD

the eclipse chain

Custom designed with an intention blending of masculine and feminine qualities. Our hand-crafted 925 silver necklace chain is inspired by movements from the waxing and waning of the moon.

Designed exclusively to pair with the pendants from Interlude º Z, the necklace features adjustable lengths to allow longer or shorter styling.



Photos by Alberto Zimmerman

Styling by Vy Nguyen

Makeup and Hair by Meg McConville

Direction by Rong Chen