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About Us

(græ-dæns) As talismans of expression, Graedance’s demi-fine jewelry is consciously designed with consideration of changes in the wearer's body and mood, allowing the equipment of jewelry that evolves with the wearer.


Birthed through the reconstruction of the colour gray/grey: often cited as too weak to be considered masculine and too menacing to be considered feminine, that is neither warm nor cold, neither material nor spiritual. The core colour was chosen to symbolise the liminal ethos of the brand and to celebrate the tension it invites.


An ode to the undefined - Graedance aims to allow for the discovery of each individual’s ‘in-between’ and grey area, the expansive in-between across our cultural blueprint’s binary ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’, Graedance was created to celebrate the gradients we take up as individuals. 


Operating out of Australia, the pieces are handcrafted from a blend of new and old-world practices.


The Designer


Previously at AMXANDER, Rong Jake receive nomination from the prestigious International Woolmark Prize and the National Designer Award for his design work, and his approach to Graedance is a natural extension of the area of study of the former line. 

“Having explored the reinvention of uniforms from prior cultures and occupations at AMXANDER - understanding that these garments reflected homogeneity and conformity, I want to now explore the sociology behind each wearer, providing a reconstructed reflection that in fact we are individual and completely distinct, regardless of our jobs, our background or culture.” 

Expanding upon this, Rong Jake’s perspectives on design has a key focus on versatility - with pieces restructured to allow to be worn in an expansive way and form, and dabbles in the cross section of the real and surreal along with the simple and the extravagant, harmonising with Graedance’s ideologies. 

With considered decisions behind product design and packaging, the project utilises recycled fibres, metals and maintains an earth conscious approach in its values.