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Creating Your Ring Stack



How you wear your rings is a show of confidence and a display of who you are, 
here are some tips on finding a combination that may help find one that feels most right for you.

1. Ring Size and Placement


Choosing rings of varying sizes and proportions is key to creating depth and intrigue to your look. 
Don't ignore the middle and tip ends of your fingers. When creating layers like this, tighten the base of your adapt-size rings, or size down.

2. Use All Fingers


Experiment with fingers you may be ignoring (who is to say what a wedding finger is?). Creating balance is key here, and if you have enough pieces, try spreading them across both hands.


3. Keep it Simple


You can create a stack with just two rings - add a placement on your pinky or thumb, to create dimension and distinctiveness. You can even extend a stack on just one finger if you play with placements on your middle and distal phalanx.


In the end, there are no rules on how create it - because in the end, it is just for you. Mix your metals, wear your rings backwards, wear them daily (or not), wear them to remember something (or someone) precious, or just wear them to feel powerful. The strength and magic that these metals can provide you is limitless - so long as you give them the opportunity to do so. 




Discover the Five of Sacred / Slow 

Our designs were created with harmonious intent with each other.
The set represents new beginnings and the strength within.
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Seren Ring
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Firo Ring
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