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The First Collection


“Sacred Slow”


Graedance’s handcrafted jewellery focuses on a post-modern analysis of the wearer - with a presentation of non-gendered pieces that are crafted not as adornment, but rather an extension of the wearer, designed to capture idea of fluidity in identity.

Inspired by sacred rites of the past, the collection's campaign images were created to represent the harmony and discourse between natural and mythical realities. Presented as major tarot arcanas, these visuals were created to evoke the emblem and meaning behind these shamanic tools. 

A change of fate.

Fortune and joy. 

Mystery and illusion.

Hope and inspiration.

Graedance The Sun Tarot Card Sacred Slow Collection
Graedance The Star Tarot Card Sacred Slow Collection
Graedance The Moon Tarot Card Sacred Slow Collection

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